For Erika

This picture shows the village Laab in the vienna woods

This side is formed for Erika and her friends in the United States. We have tried to show opinions and reports here from the newspaper and magazines. You can see what the little Austria about the elections in America thinks here. This side was made on November 28th, 2000.

Further we will bring pictures from our life to the Unitet States.

We mourn the for the victims in the world trade center on 11.9.2001. (local authority Laab)

Gisela, Adam and Aunt Resi was here to celebrate our mothers 90th birthday. 15.9.2001

This is a picture in our newspaper from 13th september 2001

Dear Erika, dear Vinnie, dear Paul, dear Christa!

We want this way our deep sympathy about the events in the United States to the expression .We Austrians, from the president up to the manual worker, these condemn underhanded common attack on the innocent inhabitants of Washington and N.Y. on 9-11-2001

All newspapers and television stations in Europe report around the watch about the gruesome events in the United States. Heidi has cried when she underwent of this prank. She has immediately asked me how Erika and her family will feel well. We are pleased that you are well. Thank God!

We have aghastly followed up all reports on N.Y. with tears in the eyes. The common perpetrators like to be taken hold of and be brought to a just punishment.

We feel and suffer with you. September 11th becomes us and always have left in memory.

God protects the inhabitants of the United States!

Franz and Heidi

Headline in our newspaper from 13.September 2001

My mother celebratet her 90th birthday on 11. september 2001


Easter 2001

Warm greetigs from Heidi, Christian, Jutta, Carola, Franz, Paul and Ulli

The virtuell dumplings for Erika

The dumplings are cooking

The dumplings  served for Franz

The virtuell dumplings served Heidi for Erika and her familiy (30.3.2001)

Grandma Resi and Adam by a visite in our living room. (7th January 2001)


Heidi celebratet her 57th birthday on the 5th January 2001


Carola with your family on 25th December in our house.

Franz, Heidi und Pauli on Christmas Eve 24th December 2000.  Silence night, holy night....

Franz with a new programm for the computer


Heidi with her new handbag


Greetings to Erika, Vinnie, Paul and Christa 24th December 2000

Congratulation to the new president G.W.Bush. We hope he will be a good president for the Unitet States and for all the world! 


anna und evi